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Aside from having good listening skills, to be a good transcriptionist is to be efficient in your typing speed.  There are a number of online typing tutorials and softwares to practice on. The very first software that I used was Mavis Beacon. It was so intimidating since a number of my batchmates in the MT Training were fast typists and I was definitely an average one. Some were slower than me, but the only thing I was eager and willing to do was PRACTICE.

Fujitsu LifeBook U820 Mini-NotebookEvery morning, as I step inside the computer lab, I would start pressing the keyboard.  At first, it really is very hard to memorize where to fix my fingers. Yeah, ASDF JKL; QWERTY UIOP....well, practice makes perfect they say and it is true. 

Here are some softwares you might be able to grab on to if you are serious in being a home transcriptionist.  Time and speed is of the essence here and the more words per minute, the less time to accomplish, the more pay you get - but don't forget your quality.

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 18
Typing Instructor Platinum
Typing Instructor For Kids Platinum (Windows/Mac)
Typing Quick & Easy 17
TypeRightNow for Windows Includes Patented, Peek-Proof PC/Desktop* Keyboard Cover
Typing Instructor Platinum 21 [Download]
Typing Instructor Deluxe V17 [Download]
Typing Tutor for Dummies
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 15 [OLD VERSION]

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